Wild @ Heart Highlanders 
breeding only the original bloodlines
Highlanders have advanced from PNB to ANB !!


Well we had a race to the finish, Kachina won this race 3/13/17 she had an awesome 6 pack !!
Aurora had 3 babies on 3/21/17 all classics SBT babies

Mr Wags & Kachina kitten have arrived! A whooping 6 pack, 3 classics, 3 spotted all CE 4 NST. Individual photos and detail are posted on the kitten page. We are getting bigger :)

Photos of both litters are on kitten page.....More info. is posted on the kittens page.

Our Cattery believes in Quality Cats & Kittens Not Quantity Please go to our....
We have links on this page for buyers to file complaints about problems they have had with Unethical Breeders. Remember you get what you pay for, sometimes what looked like a good deal ends up costing you dearly .
 Having a dozen or more queens does not mean you are getting a quality kitten. How can any cattery properly care for kittens from that many queens & their kittens. This is a perfect way to have sick kittens spread disease and in general just poor management on the part of the cattery. This many pregnant queens is no more than a kitten mill in it to mass produce and sell fast to make a living off these animals. Believe me I have seen this many times in both domestics and exotics.

End result what you thought was a healthy kitten ends up ill costing you vet bills even worse some may end up dying. So think and do your home work before you buy ask for names of people who have gotten kittens.

Kittens stacked up in tiny pens or dark basements not healthy for the animals at all. End results are sick kittens unhealthy living conditions for the adults and kittens both. Our Cattery believes in Quality cats & kittens Not Quantity.
BUYER BEWARE!! read more about unethical catteries on our Warning unethical breeders. page.
Email us tagiar@earthlink.net
All our cats are foundation TICA Highlanders.
Our Highlanders are very special not your average kitty, we specialize in & breed companion animals for all walks of life. They will fetch, play hard, sit, beg do tricks, very easy to train and leash train, most of them love to ride in cars. Highlanders have great personalities loyal, smart, will wait for you at the door, amazing breed not your average cat, you won't understand until you have one, and then one is not enough. Highlanders have been used for therapy animals helping special needs to cope with life in general. All sales are a donation to the non-profit for exotic cat rescue here WalkontheWildside.org. We fund their needs through the sale of the Highlanders.
Our Cattery believes in Quality Cats & Kittens Not Quantity.

Our SISTER CATTERIES below reputable and trusted TICA reg. catteries sharing links;

#2     ILLINOIS......www.highlanderwoods.com

#3 CHINA...OUR NEW SISTER CATTERY IN BEIJING, CHINA THEY WILL BE TAKING CHINA BY STORM..WATCH FOR THEIR LINK HERE IN THE FUTURE.   IN 2016 THE SECOND LITTER  BORN IN CHINA... awaiting many more future Highlanders made in China..........Ze Zhang & Jing Fang leaving my home with a new addition for their cattery in Beijing. Their first time ever in the USA enjoyed having them and an honor to finally meet them. Looking forward to more babies in China. The first Highlanders ever to appear at a TICA show in China. Wildinheart Linquing just got there and already in a show, got 2 wins ......... Wore his thunder jacket to get to China must have gotten over his fear fast now in the show rings
visit our non-profit for exotic;

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Vitamins for exotics



We specialize in Companion Animals.
When your sad... we are there to make you happy

When your alone... we are there to keep you company
When your afraid... we will be your champions
When your asleep...we will guard you through the night
When your bored...we will entertain you.
When your lost... we will guide you back.
When all is dark... we will be your light
When you feel defeated... we will be your strength
When the world starts to fall in around you ...we will shield you

When I cross the Rainbow Bridge I will wait for you, for I am your life and you are mine . I will always be at your side and you at mine. For I am a Highlander I'm one of a kind ...
written by D Verba 11/1/13

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My male Dargo on the cover of pulo do Gato in Brazil along with article I contributed to